What is Black Culture?

Black Culture is a question for “me”.

To think about black culture is to ask “what is Black” and “what is Culture”.

Black Culture is like an antithesis, it is the strong voice that the common truth has refused to accept.

Black Culture challenges the way we see the world. Black culture brings back complexity and the need for different patterns of thought and behavior.

Black Culture is an interpretation, a summary for a more complex and deep truth. A truth so complexe that it escapes to the common way of considering cultures, philosophies and social phenomenons. 

It is also a way to show the imposture of “universal (imposed) culture”. Talking about black culture is an intermediate step before understanding what is going on.

Black Culture is a responsibility. 

One can assume that “black people” or “black communities” have the spotlight on them mainly because of the oppression they experience, in different ways and in different places. In this context, Black Culture comes as an answer, a form of liberation from “systemic oppression”. 

Thus, aware of their experiences, what culture do Black people want to build for a world in which “they” are “free”? The responsibility comes from this recognition and especially from the fact that the ecosystem that oppresses them is the same one that oppresses the majority of the planet. 

Therefore, Black culture represents an approach, a perspective, a philosophy, a way of thinking about the world in which it wants to exist, considering and dialoguing with other cultures that might exist.

In short, Black Culture is an (old) table, handmade by people who have not had access to an ”universal” table. This table should not be the only one they can sit at, but it is their reference and the place they can return to when no table is available. The table has neither 4 legs nor a rectangular shape. It is more complex and changes through time and space.

“Black” Culture is therefore doomed to disappear.

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